Hello, We Are Your Neighbors


Meet the Neighbors is a collective of emerging small business entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are makers, creatives and skilled professionals around you, and we want to meet you.

We want to share what we do best, so we're glad you are here. We hope you come back often to find more products and services made and curated by locals. Our businesses are less than five years old, so we promise you will always have something new to discover, and someone new to support.

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Meet the Neighbors is a project of Centro Community Partners (Centro) - an Oakland-based nonprofit committed to fostering socioeconomic change by providing business advisory services and leadership programs to rising yet underserved entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow small businesses.


If you like our collective and want to keep it going and growing, please consider making a donation. Centro is a 501c3 organization, so you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Make your small business thrive


Many of the small businesses listed in Meet the Neighbors have received entrepreneurship training, mentorship and/or capital from these local organizations committed to equitable economic development in the Bay Area. Connect with them and discover what they can do for you too.